1st Season


Alberto Battistutti

Best Screenplay

Inspired by the true story of my grandfather – A railway worker having already done his service, is forced back into the Italian Alpine Troops and sent on the icy Russian front, where he fights to make it home to his loved one.

The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy

Robert Cole

Best Screenplay

In the summer of 1943. Russian chessmaster, Alexander Petroff seeks refuge from war in Barcelona with his friend, terminally ill artist, Pippi Sanchez,
Pippi makes a living painting propaganda for the regime he despises. A bomb explodes in the train station on Alexander’s arrival, killing Civil Guardia Police. The explosion destroys his representation of Generalissimo Franco, The Catholic Church and The Spanish Civil War.
Despised Guardia Captain Montero, who fancies himself an expert chess player, leads the investigation.

Pippi introduces Alexander to beautiful, polyamorous gypsy, Yolanda, his former lover. Yolanda hates the regime for their persecution of the gypsies. Yolanda quickly ensnares Alexander.
Another lover, Father Xavier, is tormented by his lusty affair with Yolanda and the Catholic Church’s incestuous relationship with the fascists.

During the investigation Pippi’s flask is found and when he comes to restore the artwork Montero takes him into “custody” for questioning; a death sentence for many.
Alexander plays an epic chess match with Montero for Pippi’s release, humiliating Montero.
Alexander knowing Montero isn’t a good loser decides they all should flee. When Yolanda says good bye to Xavier, confessing her part in the bombing, he has an epiphany, renouncing his vows and goes with them.

“The chessmaster, the artist, the priest and the gypsy” flee Barcelona and head to Lisbon in Pippi’s Hispano-Suiza to find a ship bound for America.
Vengeful Montero gives chase with his young lieutenant Anabal who has become disillusioned with the brutality of Montero and fascism.

Montero intercepts them at the Atlantic beachhead commanding a rematch at gun point. After another epic loss, he orders Anabal to execute them, but he can’t pull the trigger.
Pippi has a pistol with one bullet he’s reserved for himself. Yolanda takes the gun and in a tension filled moment kills Montero and Pippi dies in Yolanda’s arms.
Once in Lisbon, Yolanda runs into former lover, co-conspirator Rodrigo who could be the father of her child. She decides to

In the end, Alexander and the gypsy, the priest and the Chessmaster go wherever the road leads.


Elena Bouryka

Best Comedy

Walter, a con artist, drives around the city with his sick guard dog in the back. Sometimes successful, other times less so, Walter keeps tricking people, until an acquaintance dares him to go two minutes without telling a lie.


Deeptanshu Sinha

Best Student Director

In a futuristic universe, Aditya tries to commit suicide to escape the bloody violence orchestrated by his brother. He now has to choose between being eternally captive in the illusory world of coma pushing him on the edge between life and death, or facing the atrocities of reality, in order to accomplish his destiny by becoming a symbol of hope.


Kazuya Ashizawa

Best Short Documentary

The man closed the Cinema 55 years ago. Even so, people are coming. The man also put a fire on the projector today. “I will never let it go!”


Jeremias Altmann

Best Experimental

A film about collecting; about the glass fossil; about consolation and about procreation. A pale face directs its voice towards the audience and states four assertions distorted by emotions. At the same time, delicate cracks in the mask allow a foreshadowing of that silence, which ultimately wraps all of us in its nostalgic warmth.


Joseph Quinn

Best Foreign Film

During the WWII North African campaign, a German sniper of the AfrikaKorps and a U.S. Combat engineer find themselves the sole survivors of a battle. They must reluctantly join forces to escape a marauding band of desert nomads and the unforgiving desolation of the Sahara desert. During their odyssey, the German relates the destruction of his country due to following their corrupt politicians. He regrets not stopping them before it was too late. It’s a specter from the past that sadly parallels many aspects of our society today. The German soon realizes his own government is the real enemy of his people and struggles to find the courage (Tapferkeit) to stop them.

MADBEN – Grief, dance to death


Best Music Video

A soldier wakes up in a desertic landscape. Completely lost, he walks for days and weeks before encountering a mysterious object. His journey will lead him to a brutal awakening.

Of Blood and Piss

Julien Falardeau

Best Student Documentary

The day-to-day routine in a scrap yard melts into a meditative experience while mechanics and carcasses waltz in the smell of death.


Mohamed Maged

Best Student Film + Best Student Director

When time is stopped, we feel like we are trapped.
Trapped in the same place, at the same time, the same gap.
we do not know why, we do not know what to do in this maze … are we punished for something we did in the past or for something we are doing now …
When time is stopped, the past looks like the future. At this moment we wonder, do we need a helping hand, or that’s the karma.


Buster Marker Jønsson

Best Cinematographer

A young boxer fights in the present, but struggles with his past.
He is haunted by a figure from his past, a figure that gives him strength to overcome the physical obstacles that he is facing, but at the price of his mental well being.


Andrew Kotatko

Best Director

A married couple is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call. Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires.


Winston Azzopardi

Best Drama

A would-be groom wants to get to the church on time for his wedding but is abducted and wakes up tied up and blindfolded.


Kerem Altın

Best Producer

Adem, builds himself a boat to go to an island. At the beach, he meets randomly with retired lighthouse keeper Turgut and Ufuk who has problems with his lover, Seher. They joined the boat’s building process. The kid on the beach plays with his sand castle. While the boat is building, Turgut has his questions.


Jennifer Blair


When a college sophomore returns home to share some important news with his parents, things don’t go exactly as he had expected… until they do.


Adam Baroud

Best Short Film

Two young boys from a Village in Egypt become friends due to an inconvenient incident.

Je suis désolé (I am sorry)

Kamil Olejnik

Best Drama

To complete the path that leads to his redemption, a condemned man writes a letter of forgiveness. By offering this letter to his children, he fulfills his most cherished desire to break the cycle of violence that destroys his family from generation to generation.


Carmelo Segreto

Best Short Film

Humam is an Algerian immigrant who is forced to work the most varied jobs in Italy to be able to support his family back home. One day his biggest fear comes to life dragging him through a moment of terror.